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STW Grand Baby Library for MONTAGE/MODX


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Purchase and Download on

Five years ago, I was invited by a close friend of mine to a famous recording studio near Venice to try out a new piano

that just arrived: Steinway Concert grand Mod.D 

The satisfaction of this instrument was so great that we decided to sample it and then create a VST or a Library for Motif XF. Together with the sampling of this piano, we also sampled from an OBXa present in the studio, the iconic sound of its famous "PAD", to further emphasize the sound of the Steinway.

The project was later abandoned, but today we managed to recreate this Library for Yamaha Montage / MODX from the original samples. We offer you a characteristic Steinway piano sound full of nuances and sounds, with the addition of an analogue classic such as the famous Oberheim OBXa.

Size: About 115 MB


USER1:001 Pn:Grand Lady D Stw FM
USER1:002 Pn:Grand D/OBX Pad FM



0001 Grand D mf   001
0002 Grand D mf   002
0003 Grand D F      001
0004 Grand D F      002
0005 Grand D FF    001
0006 Grand D FF    002
0007 OB-Xa Saw     001

How to Load:

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