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Furious Strings Library for MONTAGE/MODX


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A new library dedicated to the classic orchestral sounds of strings, choirs and wind instruments.
350 mb of new waveforms and 48 new performances with solo instruments, ensemble, layers and more ...



USER1:001 St:Stereo Violin Solo
USER1:002 St:Marcato Strings Slow
USER1:003 St:Marcato Strings
USER1:004 St:Beautiful Strings
USER1:005 St:Beautiful Ensemble
USER1:006 St:Medium Ensemble
USER1:007 St:Marcato Orchestral
USER1:008 St:Softy Ensemble
USER1:009 St:Warm Ensemble
USER1:010 St:Big Ensemble
USER1:011 St:Large Section
USER1:012 St:Agitato Orchestral
USER1:013 St:Octave Ensamble
USER1:014 St:Dynamico Ensemble
USER1:015 St:Arco Ensemble
USER1:016 St:Arco Strings
USER1:017 St:Movie Strings
USER1:018 St:Epic Strings
USER1:019 St:Chamber Strings
USER1:020 St:Chamber Ensemble
USER1:021 St:Chamber Orchy
USER1:022 St:Chamber Quartet
USER1:023 St:Mono Strings
USER1:024 St:Legato Strings


USER1:025 St:Legato Strings #2
USER1:026 St:Legato Strings #3
USER1:027 St:Disco Strings AF1
USER1:028 St:Spiccato
USER1:029 St:Spiccato Quartet
USER1:030 St:Pizzicato
USER1:031 St:Violin & Cello
USER1:032 St:Cello & Violin
USER1:033 SW:Picc./Strings AF1
USER1:034 SW:Flute/Strings AF1
USER1:035 SW:Oboe/Strings
USER1:036 St:Wood/Strings
USER1:037 St:Horns/Strings
USER1:038 St:Choir/Strings
USER1:039 Pd:Mixed Choir
USER1:040 Pd:Vox Choir AF2
USER1:041 Pd:Universe Choir
USER1:042 Pd:Angels Choir
USER1:043 Cp:Celesta & Strgs.
USER1:044 Cp:Orchestral Xylo
USER1:045 Dr:Orch. Percussion
USER1:046 Or:The Giant
USER1:047 Or:The Giant Soft Pipe
USER1:048 Or:The Giant Full Pipe

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